Don’t Let Your College Days Ruin Your Smile | Northridge Dentist

student health cal state northridgeBeing a college student means you’re busy with sports, studying, classes, clubs and social functions. Not only are students plagued with the “freshman fifteen”, but it’s the first glimpse into being an independent adult. And while you time begins to become consumed with schoolwork, finding the time to think about oral hygiene or visit your dentist may be forgotten. Here is the problem: some of the most damaging things a college student to can do to their oral health happen to be extremely common among students; drinking energy drinks to pull an all-nighter, late night snacking, drinking alcohol and forgetting to brush your teeth. So, what is a college student to do?

Now that we are smack dab in the middle of the holiday season and college students around the world are preparing to travel home for the break, why not make yourself a dental appointment? There are going to be lots of gatherings of old friends and family, which means tons of photos and run-ins with people you’ve forgotten about. Wouldn’t you feel better doing that flashing a pearly white grin? Only one way to get there…

Student health is important and keeping your teeth and gums healthy now will help to ensure you have healthy teeth when you are old and grey. Dr. David Lunt DDS encourages Cal State Northridge students to remember their oral health and be sure to have regular dental checkups.

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