Having Your Teeth Whitened? Try Gum. | Northridge Dentist

459899307What about the teeth whitening process makes our mouths feel sensitive and how can we get it to stop? The remedy to this tooth sensitivity is as simple as popping a piece of chewing gum into your mouth.

Sensitive teeth are caused by the breakdown of tooth enamel. Receding gums are another way your teeth to become sensitive. Dentin exposure can cause your teeth to no longer have the protection our gums and tooth enamel provide, causing the pain. When we have our teeth whitened, we are polishing up that enamel. Worn enamel makes your teeth become increasingly prone to pain when drinking or eating certain foods.

A study was published in the British Dental Journal with three groups receiving in-office teeth whitening. The groups were as follows: patients without chewing gum, patients with sugar-free gum, and patients with sugar-free gum that also included Recaldent, a product that helps strengthen tooth enamel. After the procedure, those patients with gum were asked to begin chewing. Surprisingly enough, those that chewed on a piece of chewing gum had significantly less pain than the group that went without.

But why? Scientists have theorized that perhaps the increased saliva production gave the patient some type of relief. Or perhaps it was a case of “out of sight, out of mind”. What they did find is that the version of chewing gum didn’t make a difference, so make sure to pick up a pack of sugar-free gum on the way to your next teeth whitening appointment.

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