What Is A Snap On Smile?

selfieWhile most people want a beautiful smile, the costs of the necessary dental treatments and procedures to get one aren’t always practical.

The good thing is that there’s what many dental professionals refer to as a “Snap On Smile”, an affordable and temporary solution for patients who want to enjoy a beautiful smile, albeit only for a while.

Even if the effects are temporary, there are many benefits to the use of such a dental appliance, such as providing you a preview of what your smile would eventually look like after getting more permanent smile treatments.

What is a Snap On Smile? 

Snap-on smiles are a removable, painless and patented dental appliance that’s custom-made to improve your smile and look as much like your real teeth as possible.

They are easy to take care of, requiring little adjustments as you can still eat and drink normally while wearing one. Though, even better is that these dental appliances offer a temporary cosmetic solution for those who can’t yet afford a permanent treatment for their teeth.

The Benefits

Of course, the main benefit of a Snap On Smile is that it looks good and is quite affordable, more so when you compare its costs to that of other smile makeover treatments. However, there are far more benefits to a Snap On Smile aside from aesthetics, including:

  • A quick process that takes place across two visits and rarely takes longer than two weeks
  • Considered as one of the cheapest cosmetic dentistry treatments available today
  • Almost everyone is a good candidate
  • A good alternative for those who can’t get implants or bridges for some reason
  • A much more comfortable and attractive alternative to partial dentures
  • There’s little to no discomfort when wearing one
  • The application is painless and requires no such alteration to the tooth structure
  • Should you change your mind, you can easily have the process reversed and the dental appliance removed at any time.

What To Expect 

The process of applying a Snap On Smile is fairly simple, fast and more importantly, painless.

During the first visit, the patient chooses the shade and style of their new smile, while the dentist takes an impression of the teeth. Afterwards, the impression is then sent off to a lab where a dental technician takes care of creating the dental appliance.

During the second visit, which usually takes place after two to three weeks, the Snap-On smile is then fitted, leaving the patient free to go with their all-new and improved smile.

Although the dental appliance carries plenty of benefits, is easy to fit and almost universally compatible, a Snap-On smile is not perfect. A well-known problem is that the dentist will have to remove or replace the dental appliance eventually. Also, wearing one carries the risk of suffering through speech impediments after placement for a few weeks.

Similar to natural teeth, the appliance may stain, especially if exposed to beverages such as wine and coffee regularly. Also, they’ll have to be removed at night before sleeping and it may be to avoid eating sticky foods and gum so as to prevent problems with the dental appliance.

Test Drive An All-New Smile Today!

Snap-On Smiles are the perfect means of letting you see what you and your smile would look like after getting several, and undoubtedly, more expose dental treatments.

To find out if a Snap-On Smile is the perfect solution for your dental problems, contact Dr. David Lunt, DDS at 818-885-7230 to schedule a consultation today. Or visit www.davidluntdds.com for additional information regarding the Snap On Smile.