Bone Grafting Isn’t as Scary as You Think | Northridge Dentist

Dental implants are a wildly successful evolution in dentistry. They are restoratives that last a lifetime. But for the implant to last a lifetime, sometimes you need to start with ideal bone health. And to be honest, it’s not unusual for a patient to be told that they require a bone graft in order to secure the outcome of dental implant surgery. Sounds scary, right? Don’t let the term bone grafting scare you. Bone grafting in the oral cavity today is a routine, painless procedure, with a predictable outcome.

Bone loss can occur in the upper and lower jaws for several reasons.  Localized bone loss often occurs around diseased teeth due to periodontal (gum) disease, fractured teeth, traumatic injuries and dental infections. Over a period of time, the jawbone associated with missing teeth atrophies (bone resorption/shrinks). This often leaves a condition in which there is poor quality and quantity of bone, unsuitable for placement of dental implants.

With current bone graft techniques, we have the ability to grow bone where needed. Augmentation bone grafts can be accomplished virtually anywhere on the upper and lower jaws. This enables us to offer dental implants as a replacement for missing teeth to almost all patients, even if substantial bone loss has occurred.

Bone grafting plays a very important role in making your new tooth/implant possible. The science behind implant dentistry has brought us these highly specialized and successful techniques. Bone graft surgery is only a moment in time but being able to eat, laugh, talk and smile lasts a lifetime!

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Did George Washington Have Wooden Teeth? | Northridge Dentist

As soon as we begin to learn some American history in school, we hear this myth. Not only do we believe it, but we revel in the fact that it even happened. But this little factoid does, in fact, do a disservice to our nation’s first president (and his dentists), who, plagued with a variety of tooth ailments early in life, actually sought out the most advanced dental practices of his time. The fun trivia? George Washington had wooden teeth

Washington began losing teeth in his twenties. In 1783, at the conclusion of the Revolutionary War, he enlisted the expertise of Jean Pierre Le Moyer, a French naval surgeon who gained a reputation for his pioneering work in tooth implantation. Records show Washington purchased nine teeth from his own slaves in 1784, and documentation strongly suggests the teeth were meant for implantation or to be used in his own dental prosthetics.

Why real human teeth? The 18th century saw a rise in the use of real teeth to replace rotting ones, and with good reason. While ivory and bone were prized for their ability to duplicate human teeth, the solution would be a temporary one. Saliva will eventually break down false teeth made from bone, leaving the wearer with a rotten taste in his mouth and a serious case of halitosis.

By the time Washington became president in 1789, he possessed only a single tooth and needed new dental prosthetics. John Greenwood, considered by many to be the father of modern dentistry, made several sets for him during this time using gold, metal, and hippopotamus ivory—which has a thick enamel coating—to create upper and lower mouth plates connected by gold-wire springs. In one version, both human and cow teeth were secured into the plates using brass screws.

Although they were not wood, Washington’s false teeth sound like they were torture to wear. Springs designed to keep the plates in place pushed Washington’s mouth open, requiring him to remain vigilant just to keep it closed. Washington found them so irritating he often kept his speaking engagements to a minimum. His second inaugural address was the shortest in history at only 135 words.

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Bonding vs.Veneers: Which Is My Best Bet?| Northridge Dentist

dental-implantIs your smile everything you want it to be? If you would like to change your smile cosmetic dentist Dr. David Lunt, DDS can help you. Dr. Lunt offers many cosmetic dentistry procedures including the most popular, bonding and porcelain veneers.

But what is the difference between the two?

Both bonding and porcelain veneers have similarities. They both are used to cover dental imperfections. However, the procedures are quite different.

Dental bonding uses a smooth tooth colored solution which is applied to teeth. It covers stains, and fills in small chips and gaps. After the dental bonding solution has been applied and shaped a specialized dental light is used to harden the bonding material. Once the bonding solution is dried and cured additional layers may be applied depending on your situation. When the process is complete the tooth is then polished. Bonding is used on patients who need one or two teeth corrected.

Porcelain veneers are fabricated from a solid piece of porcelain. They fit over the front and underside of your tooth covering the entire surface of visible tooth. Veneers can be fitted to lengthen or widen teeth to close gaps or fill in chips. Porcelain veneers are generally used for patients who have several cosmetic problems or want their entire set of front facing teeth made over. Modern porcelain veneers tend to last many years, are easy to care for (normal brushing and flossing is fine, no special care is required), provide a very natural appearance, and offer a stronger alternative to other cosmetic options.

While veneers and bonding are cosmetic procedures used to treat similar problems, veneers may be a better alternative in cases where the patient wants to adjust the size or shape of the tooth.

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Three Possible Solutions For Your Missing Teeth | Northridge Dentist

missing teeth

Missing teeth are not as dire as other dental problems. After all, you can just leave the gaps be and live on with your life. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to chew nor smile as well as before if more than a couple of teeth are missing, you can just go on without them. However, for adults who don’t want to live their rest of their lives with an incomplete smile, dental medicine offers a couple of solutions – three, in fact.

1. Dentures

Lots of people do not like dentures because they have a reputation for looking obvious. However, if done well enough, dentures can easily blend well with the rest of your teeth. Not only that, they’re also a more affordable option, which is why they’re the most common dental solution for missing teeth.


  • Inexpensive compared to other options
  • Maintenance is easy
  • Easy to repair


  • May irritate the gums of the other teeth, leading to a condition called “gum stripping”.
  • Very prone to breaking if not maintained.
  • The fitting surface will have to be regularly reshaped to fit the growth of your jaw as you grow older.
  • There is the possibility of the dentures falling off anytime without warning.

2. Bridges

Dental bridges are another possible option for those who want to have their missing teeth replaced. They’re usually constructed by placing a dental crown on the gap once it’s been prepared and then suspending a new bridge in between the said crowns.

Dental bridges are known to last for years and even decades, making them an excellent choice for replacing missing teeth.


  • Very reliable
  • They look much better compared to dentures
  • Will last for a very long time


  • Initial costs, replacement and maintenance can be quite expensive.
  • The gums under the false tooth may form a space underneath after many years, creating an unnatural look and a very unhygienic food trap.
  • There’s a higher chance of decay around the area of the crown, which can cause problems for your other teeth.

3. Dental Implants

Most dentists today prefer this method as it doesn’t involve destroying any part of the remaining natural teeth. To put simply, a dental implant is just a titanium replacement and can easily be placed in the socket from where your tooth was extracted from. Though, dentists can also create a new socket if necessary.

Implants may be a bit new compared to the other two on this list, but they’re slowly becoming the most common choice among dentists and patients alike.

Dental implants can easily replace anything from one missing tooth to a full set of pearly whites.


  • The safest option of the three.
  • The best looking because the titanium replacement will be made to look exactly like the remaining natural teeth.
  • Very low maintenance, doesn’t need to be replaced and are known to last longer than bridges.


  • More costly compared to the other two procedures listed here.

Regardless of which of the three you think is best for you, always consult your local dentist first as they will be the ones to discuss with you the best possible option for your particular case.

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Dental Implants | Northridge, Ca Dentist

dental-implantDo you have missing and broken teeth that need to be replaced? If you have been thinking about how to best address your tooth loss for long-term satisfaction and a strong, healthy smile, we encourage you to consider some very compelling reasons to choose implants.

Jawbone Health:

A lost tooth should be considered a top priority. The longer the gap remains, the more damage it can wreak on your jawbone and your remaining teeth. Even if you replace your lost teeth with a dental bridge or dentures, the sockets in your jawbone that held your teeth’s roots will remain empty. However, implants are inserted into your jawbone, and will restore the support that conventional replacement teeth lack.

Implant Posts can Last for Life:

The post of an implant, which rests inside of your jawbone, can last for life with proper care and maintenance. While your dental crown or denture may need replacement after several years of use, the replacement process is significantly simpler. Your jawbone will not have changed shape as dramatically as it does without implants, so measuring for the new appliance will not be as challenging. Since the posts remain, we can simply attach the new prosthesis to your implants once it is crafted.

No More Cavities!

Yes! The days of cavities are long gone with dental implants! While you still need to take care of your dental implants, gums and mouth – you will be physically unable to get a cavity.

Dental Implants are Safe:

Dental implants are a very safe procedure that has been being practiced for more than 30 years. Dental implants are made of titanium and biocompatible material that is accepted by the body.

Money Saver:

Since dental implants are designed to be a longterm solution, you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing crowns, bridges and dentures. These temporary options add up in price over the years in numerous visits to the dentist and so on, and not to mention, lots of frustration(Source: WebMD).

Bringing your mouth back to life is a major confidence boost! Dental implants look and feel like real teeth, you no longer have anything to be ashamed of. You can laugh and smile and feel good about how you look!

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